CSA Networks

An Australian Company serving Telecommunications Networks around the World.

CSAnetworks operates in the GSM, PSTN and 3G telecommunications areas offering upgrade and expansions services to current and legacy network equipment

CSAnetworks has now provided services to 25 Telecom Service Providers in 15 countries.

The team at CSAnetworks possesses a combined industry experience in excess of 80 years across installation, engineering, support and management of Telecommunications networks.

CSAnetworks provides a unique perspective on service provision by partnering and working with both Vendors and Operators allowing it to develop an "end to end" view
of service provision.


Power MM Co. Ltd

Based in Yangon, Myanmar, Power MM is CSA Networks's daughter company providing renewable energy solutions to the local Telecom tower companies, minigrid developers, off-grid homes and rural electrification programs.

To find out more about Power MM, please follow this link: Power MM